Fiori del Sole

Natural products for home, body and bath.

Natural products offered







Bath Bombs:

Limoncello, Chocolate Caramel, Lavender, Rose Petal Geranium, Cinnamon

Orange, Peppermint, $3 each or  pkg/3 $8

Bath Fizzy:

Lemon Calendula, Rose Petal Geranium - with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E, $3/$6

Bath Salts 

Therapeutic Essential Oils, Breathe, Relax, Immunity Booster or Cocoa Butter,

$10/8oz tin, $14/ 8oz glass jar

Bath Teas:

Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Green Tea Rose, Lavender Relaxation, $12/pkg 3 

Glitter Gel:

Aloe Vera Gel with a hint of Lavender and plenty of sparkle, $4/1oz 


Pure Organic Lavender: use as a facial toner, linen spray for removing dust mites from pillows, mirror and glass cleaner. $10/4oz

Intensive Moisturizing         Lotions:     

Coconut Lemongrass, Black Amber Lavender, Island Coconut, Pink Grapefruit, Organic Lavender. $5/2oz $8/4oz, $14/12oz, BULK/AMENITY - please inquire for pricing

Lavender Body Mist:

Organic Lavender Essential Oil blended with Organic Lavender Hydrosol $6/2oz

Milk Bath

Vanilla Black Amber Lavender (heavenly scent, relaxing) $10/8oz pkg


Brown Sugar Cocoa Butter Salt Scrub, Lavender Cocoa Butter Salt Scrub $12/tin

Shave Cream:

Warmed Brown Sugar, Black Amber Lavender $14/8oz tub

Shave Soap:

Amber, Sandalwood Vanilla or Mint Trio, $12/ceramic dish, $8/refill puck,


  $48 ceramic dish with Pure Badger Bristle Brush from Germany 

  $38 ceramic dish with Pure Boar Bristle Brush

  Wedding Party - 4 sets individually gift-wrapped with your wedding colours:

  $140 - ceramic dish with Pure Badger Bristle Brush  

Shimmy Shimmer:

Cocoa and Mango Butter body cream with a hint of shimmer, $8/1oz


Cold-processed bars are long-lasting and infused with Pure Essential Oils, moisturizing butters, Vitamins and Amino Acids to moisturize and repair skin.

$8.00 per bar, $22/3 bars 

Charcoal (removes odors) Cranberry Orange (awakening)

Dead Sea Skin Therapy (repairs and disinfects) Harmony (calming)

Lavender (disinfects, calms) Lemongrass (Thai) (astringent, tart)

Lemongrass Patchouli (earthy) Mint Trio (awakening) Sandalwood (earthy)

Vanilla (calming) Wheat Germ Honey Almond (warm, sweet)


Goat Milk Loofah (exfoliant), $6/bar

Gardener's Cream Soap (with Apricot Kernel, exfoliant, great for mechanics too)

$10/4oz tub, $6/2oz tub wrapped in mini clay pot and cello





Kitchen Bar Soaps are blended with Shea Butter and  therapeutic botanicals:

$8 per slice, cello wrapped and perfect for gifting 

Lemon Calendula (Avocado Oil, disinfects cuts, reduces bruising),

Coffee Chocolate Bar (removes odours, exfoliates)

Cinnamon Oat Cake (exfoliates, moisturizes,)

Rustic Organic Lavender, (calming, disinfecting)


Liquid Hand Soaps are blended with 100% pure Castile Olive Oil and Essential Oils

and packaged in a foaming dispenser. $8/8oz bottle

Cinnamon Orange, Basil Lime, Citrus Blend, Grapefruit

Furniture Wax/Cleaner:

Pure Beeswax, Carnauba, Cocoa Butter in an Olive Oil base for the highest polish

$14/tin with cloth 

Kitchen Salt

Valhrona Fleur de Sel ~ Himalayan Pink ~ Hibiscus Rosemary ~ Lavender Sea Salt

Chili Fleur de Sel ~ Fire-Roasted Tomato Fleur de Sel

$8/2oz pot or sampler set of 3 for $9/.5oz pots

Kitchen Pepper

Cracked Italian Pepper with Lemon & Lavender, $8/2oz pot

Linen Water

Arancia (orange/grapefruit/lemon/lime), Limoncello (Italian Lemon),

Lavender (Organic), $10/8oz, $12/16oz

Soy Candles

Longer and cleaner burning -  Choose from tealights $2 or 8oz glass votive $14.00

Lavender (white  or  lavender colored), Cranberry Plum, Pumpkin Spice, Mulberrry




Wooden Scoops (for salts and scrubs), $2

Shave Brushes:

  - Pure Badger Bristle imported from Germany - $28

  - Boar Bristle - great starter brush - $18

Handcrafted Pebble Soapdishes from Vancouver Island, $14 rectangular or oval

Wooden Soapdishes, $6

Loofah Circles, large $4

Body Brushes, $8

(removes dry skin, promotes circulation, prepares skin for shower or bath)