Market Days Market Days Caffe Shea or Chocolate Espresso Kitchen Soap - Coffee is a neutralizing scent and perfect ground for exfoliation. Use it in the kitchen for a terrific deodorizing / exfoliating / moisturizing soap! It's got everything! $8.00 per 5 oz slice specify Light Caffe Shea or Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar made with Valrhona cocoa! 132590026 Limoncello Sunflower Bath Fizzies are the Bomb! They smell so delicious and lemony but don't eat them! Loaded with Calendula for skin therapy (heals cuts and lessens bruises) and very relaxing with Epsom salts. $6.00 132590027 Calendula Lemon Bath Bomba Makes a ridiculous mess in the bathtub but well worth it! Rinse away the blossom leaves. 132590028 Linen Waters Freshen your linens before you put them away or spray them before you make the bed. Add some to your steamer/iron or just spritz your pillow before you go to sleep! However you use these linen waters, you will wonder how you ever lived without them! 16 oz $12.00 or 8oz $10.00 132590029 Therapeutic Bath Salts Loaded with Essential Oils and blended together with Dead Sea, Epsom and Atlantic Sea Salts these salts will remove toxins, soften your skin and increase the mineral content in your body! Fantastic! $14.00 142439505 Liquid Castile Olive Oil Hand Soap Simple Clean with Essential Oils in a fantastic REFILLABLE aka REUSABLE foam soap dispenser. Great housewarming gift. $8.00 142439506 Vineyard Calendula Lemon Bath Bomba - a day in the Vineyard, Township 7 142439507 Linen Waters Centuries' old tradition for freshening linens. 142439508 Organic Lavender Nonesuch scent 142439509 Sponsorship donations to a worthy cause...Dress for Success Vancouver and Doctors without Borders Canada. Please inquire for your fundraiser 142439510 Brown Sugar Cocoa Butter Salt Scrub Creamy, soft, rough, gritty, smooth...all together creates a fantastic scrub for your bottom soft results. $12 per tin 142439578 Brown Sugar - ready for labels Warning: Although you might want to dip strawberries in it...please don't! $12.00 151576770 Organic Lavender Buds Sachets filled with 100% Organic Lavender from San Juan Islands. $4.00 190008780 White Sugar Body Polish Fine, smooth and polished skin. $14.00 190008781 Rosehip Geranium Shea $8.00 per 4oz bar or 3 for $22.00 190008782 Orange Citrus Zingy, mouthwatering scent perfect for the morning shower. $8.00 per 5oz bar or 3 for $22.00 190008783 Goat Milk Clove Heady scent, not flowery. $8.00 per 5oz bar or 3 for $22.00 190008784 Lemongrass Patchouli Heady, lemony, earthy scent. $8.00 per 5oz bar or 3 for $22.00 190008785 Lavender Hydrosol Perfect for disinfecting, deodorizing, cleaning. Can be used to spray yoga mats, clean your glasses, tone and refresh your face among other uses! Pure 100% Organic Lavender Hydrosol. $10.00 per 4oz bottle. Sold in yoga studios. 190008786 Bar Soaps Goat Milk with Loofah. Clean and fresh. Tahitian Vanilla. Delicious and not oversweet. Dead Sea Salts with Tea Tree for troublesome skin. Charcoal to deodorize and clean. $8.00 per bar or 3 for $22.00 190008787 Sandalwood Earthy $8.00 per bar or 3 for $22.00 190008788 Dead Sea Salts Perfect bar for troubled skin. Will disinfect with tea tree oil, purify with clays (hence the colour), moisturize with shea butter. Your skin will be radiant. $8.00 per bar or 3 for $22.00 190008789