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The real deal

Posted on March 26, 2013 at 6:35 PM Comments comments ()

You know, I'm "aware" of how important it is to reduce/reuse/recycle and take note when companies grossly over-package products. I constantly have a pile of jars and bottles and cardboard that needs to be sorted and dread the noise (from my kids' complaints) of tins and lunch bags etc. despite our daily efforts to keep it under control.  I am aware.  Moreso now that our city's new green initiative has taken a conscientious approach to get everyone on this bandwagon by spending thousands of tax-payer dollars on fancy garbage and recycling bins that require two different trucks to pick them up.  This winter was interesting but I can't imagine all that organic matter sitting, rotting, stinking in the fancy bin in my garage.  Every time I see those 3 bins lined up, taking up valuable space in my garage,  I  roll my eyes.  We need to adopt the European way of central bins for recycling and garbage just like the super mailboxes rather than house to house. Especially in densely populated areas like townhomes. That will really reduce the amount we carelessly throwout if we all have to walk it down the road!

In this still-new business venture Miranda and I have embarked we look for ways to a) reduce our costs, b) package in a green-friendly way and c) maintain our product quality in the hands of our customers. 

We've purchased a tiny vehicle and have stopped the madness of the local markets (for us anyway) by switching to home parties and web-based sales.  I still think it's wonderful for local growers to sell their product in this manner.  For us, we help the environment because we aren't over-producing and packaging our product and waiting for customers but rather making small-batch runs and taking it directly to the customers who are interested.  I am aware there are still many ways we can change to help our environment and I am in awe of people who truly are the real deal when it comes to being green. Erin R. for instance is someone who inspires me to recycle and I find myself saying..."Erin would be impressed by that" when we recycle or reuse something that before we wouldn't even consider doing.

To further this greening...hey, our car is green! although it's not "green" as in "hybrid" but wow is it ever great on gas!  I digress:  we've been looking at alternative packaging options and I'm thinking now we should change our company focus and move into the alternative packaging business because there are very few options for wet products like lotions and shampoos.  I read about paper bottles and that's just fancy wording for "plastic wrapped paper made to look like a paper bottle" so in researching further I came upon this blog:

This gal is the real deal in her efforts to spread the news about recycling, reducing and making our planet a better place.  Reading this blog made me aware I know very little about all there is to know about harmful effects of packaging and waste: how consumerism has taken a left turn.  Ridiculous that with all the damage "we've" done over the last 50 years now "we've" made an industry out of reduce/reuse/recycle and getting back to basics. Like using natural products that are found locally when possible, made and marketed locally instead of zooming around the world leaving a wake of packaging and not using petroleum or chemical-based products.

I could go on...but you get the drift...

For our next phase of business development we are on the hunt for eco-friendly, reduced packaging options.  Thank you Beth for your inspirational blog.  Wonderful thought-provoking read.

Laura and Miranda

Hey! (not Hay which is for horses!)

Posted on January 9, 2013 at 9:25 PM Comments comments ()

Thank you to Alana and Jim for allowing us to utilize their beautiful barn in Langley BC for our production and warehouse operation!  We quickly outgrew our old space so timely move for us.  Pics up soon. 


Future's so bright - IT'S BRILLIANT!

Posted on November 11, 2011 at 12:05 AM Comments comments ()

Brilliant Girls meet Brilliant Girl...


We are sooooo excited to be working with Leanne Campbell of!  This brand new venture for Leanne to showcase the talents of local female artisans is sure to be a hit.  We met Leanne at the Township 7 Vineyard Artisan's Craft Fair this summer and girl are we glad we did!  So much inspiration and talent...Leanne's a dynamo!  Congratulations on this new venture and cheers (clink) to a wonderfully brilliant future in business!  Laura and Miranda   

Summer Days...

Posted on September 4, 2011 at 2:05 AM Comments comments ()

But really cool nights!  We took a picnic basket to Crescent Beach for Bob's birthday on Friday...we ate so fast and got back in the car to have dessert at home!  What's happening to our wonderful westcoast weather we're usually enjoying right about now?  Who knows WHAT to wear these days...sweater on, sweater off, air conditioning on, heated seats on and on and on.

Miranda and I have so much on the go with our products from packaging and labelling to creating wonderful new items for you all to enjoy.  Working with natural and organic ingredients is great for so many reasons:  for starters their good for us and good for the environment. 

We've implemented our refill program on our liquid hand soaps - why waste these awesome foam pumps when you can bring them back and refill them at our market stall?  This weekend we're refilling CITRUS LIQUID SOAP, an all natural olive oil castile hand soap with essential oils.  Each week we'll add a new scent for refill until we've got a full complement.

Another way we're trying to lessen our impact on the environment is by producing many vegan products.  The raw ingredients we use are biodegradable and some of the packaging as well. 

Small steps for sure but we're learning as we go...  Laura and Miranda



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The Colour Purple!

Posted on August 8, 2011 at 2:30 PM Comments comments ()

What a lovely weekend! I've always thought purple was the greatest colour and it's my birthstone too but until a recent trip to a lavender farm I had no idea just how much it makes you feel great!  No wonder it's a royal colour!

Miranda and I visited Pelindaba's Organic Lavender Farm on San Juan's Friday a word, spectacular!  Pelindaba is a Certified Organic farm that produces over 250 products with their many varieties of Lavender.  We use their Lavender for our Sachets and in our teas and lotions.  Once you've experienced Lavender in it's purest freshest form it will change your mind about that old fashioned smelly stuff in the bottles from a very long time ago.  The people at Pelindaba are terrific too! Jessica in the farm store was so helpful and informative...made us feel very welcomed.  Jessica introduced us to owner Stephen and we chatted for a bit on retail.  We learned so much about harvest, production and the plants themselves which in turn we were able to pass on to our customers at the Market in White Rock on Sunday.    Their Chocolate Lavender Ice Cream Sandwich was ridiculously huge but of course we loved every bite!  Then, to further our sensory experience, we went to their downtown store and met Elizabeth.  It's common knowledge we Canadians are a friendly bunch but I'm quickly learning that's not always the case.  Elizabeth should give lessons on customer service because she's got it down. Gracious, friendly and so enthusiastic for her customers and her craft we were again inspired.  We'll be back!

As for our terrific Sunday Markets, we can't wait to put all our new ideas and products into action: Lavender Hydrosol and Sugared Lavender buds and more...but no chocoloate ice cream! We'll leave that to the experts at Pelindaba!  Enjoy a super summer! Laura and Miranda

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